Vine Vera Review

The Vine Vera Singapore store is definitely one of the best beauty stores that I have ever had the pleasure of checking out. I had recently read about Vine Vera skin care and wanted to try out their products because they had such glowing reviews from other consumers. I also liked the fact that these products contained Resveratrol, an ingredient that is considered to be one of the best in the world of skin care.

Vine Vera Singapore Store Lobby

My skin has been irritating me with wrinkles for the past couple of years and I haven’t been able to successfully treat them because I have extremely sensitive skin and Retinols don’t suit my skin. As a result, I was left without any effective treatments unless I said yes to surgeries or invasive procedures, something that I was completely against.

The moment I entered the Vine Vera store, I was awestruck by the way they had decorated it. I mean, it was just so beautiful that you could make out that attention was paid to every detail. The guy told me that Vine Vera maintained its stores across the world and each store had similar decors. Now that is something. Maintaining such beautiful settings in so many countries.

I was even more impressed when the guy asked me if I would like to have a free skin consultation with their in-house skin expert. I automatically said yes. I mean, I was desperate for something for my wrinkles. They had started showing on my face and make-up simply wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Vine Vera Store - Singapore

The lady spoke to me for about 20 minutes and she actually told me about a few solutions that no one had ever suggested before. And no, they were not all about Vine Vera products. She also advised me on how to maintain my diets and regulate my skin care routine in order to actually be able to treat anti-aging. She advised me to try out the Vitamin C Collection and I readily agreed.

The collection consists of three products – a cleanser, a serum and a mask. All three products contain Vitamin C and Resveratrol. They also have a number of ingredients that are believed to be very beneficial for the skin. Now, before I tell you how they worked, hear this out.

After I bought the collection, the guy who billed me for the products offered me a free facial voucher for the next time when I came into the store. Wow. Free facials. That really is something. Think about it. These guys offered me a free skin consultation, they gave me a free product trial of the Vitamin C collection so that I could verify that they didn’t irritate the skin and now they’ve also offered me with a free facial. That’s neat. Thanks Vine Vera.

And now to the main part. I have been using the collection as recommended for about 3 weeks and the fine lines that were tormenting me for almost 2 years have greatly diminished. Moreover, my skin looks and feels so beautiful as well. Ha, take that. That’s like hitting two birds with the same stone.