• Restaurants In Singapore Offering The Top Most Quality Pork Ribs

    Picture Of Pork Ribs

    Pork Rib is the speciality of the barbecue. The dish is irresistible because of the aromatic smell of the condiments and the ingredients wafting out of it. These ingredients are put into it while baking the pork ribs. The seasoning enhances the appeal of the pork ribs making it hard for the people to put the piece into their mouth. Common ingredients used in the American style of cooking the ribs include honey, tomato, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, paprika, and brown sugar. The filling of the pores of the pork ribs with the sauce and these ingredients adds to the taste of the pork ribs. There are a number of restaurants in Singapore that offer incredible varieties of pork ribs that are prepared in different styles as well.

    The Green Door

    Here, the pork ribs are simmered and then brewed along with ingredients as kecap manis and black peppercons. Following this the ribs are made to rub with the mixture of black pepper, paprika, and brown sugar. Further, these are grilled by putting it into a Josper, which provides it with the piquant taste and strong flavour of Asia.


    Brewerkz is known for offering a number of dishes, including microbrewed beers as well. The pork ribs are imported all the way from Germany, and every effort is made to provide it with a luscious texture so it is cooked very slowly for a period of around three to four hours in an oven. The ribs are then filled with the BBQ sauce. However, the scoring point is the grilling of the pork ribs again till they are smoking hot. This is done to ensure that the customers feel the amazing crackle when they bite the pork ribs, besides getting mesmerized by the aromatic smell wafting from the pork ribs.

    The Chop House

    The place is famous for importing pork ribs from Berkshire in the US. The preparation is mainly the same as the spices and herbs are rubbed with the ribs, and both are braised for a long duration of 3-4 hours. BBQ sauce is then added, and this mixture is roasted eventually to provide the crispness to the pork ribs.


    The speciality of the pork ribs offered here is the ease with which the bones can be separated from the larger portion without making any noticeable efforts. The barbecue sauce adds to the aroma, and the aroma of the wood too basically enhances the flavour of the dish. The flesh is incredibly tender and the whole experience of eating this is amazing.

    Meat Smith

    The speciality of the pork ribs prepared here is the copious and conspicuous use of the spices in order to enhance the taste of the pork ribs. The taste is too tempting to resist.

    Red Eye Smokehouse

    The style of cooking of pork ribs is American and the ingredients used are the same as in the American style of making it as it includes the ingredients as black pepper, salt, garlic, sweet paprika, onion powder, etc. The smoker in which the pork ribs are prepared is specially bought from Oklahoma. The preparation process and the use of the herbs is the same as the one in American style.

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