• Topmost Places In Singapore That Are A Must To Visit

    View Of Gardens By The Bay

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    Singapore is often considered to be a dull place by many as tourists are mainly attracted towards the European countries. However, this Asian country has promising destinations that are a must to visit for everyone. Moreover, one could enjoy the amalgamation of various cultures here, and tour the country within their budget, as compared to visiting other costly cities of the world. The country offers a unique blend of nature and technology as one is stunned to witness man-made marvels here, along with the beauty of nature. Moreover, the people here are very friendly and beautiful. All these features make this place beautiful. Here is a list of some of the topmost spots in Singapore that make it an amazing destination for the tourists.

    Botanic Gardens

    People are greeted by the tranquil and serene atmosphere as soon as they enter into the Botanic Gardens. The environment here is conducive to commune with nature and find the true meaning of life. The visit to the garden is exhilarating as one is completely transformed. There is no hustle and bustle of the city, and the greenery and cleanliness here entice the tourists to visit the place again.

    Gardens By The Bay

    As natural beauty abounds in Singapore there is the ‘Gardens By The Bay’ which exemplify this thing. These is one of the most stunning gardens worldwide where one could find an interesting fusion of nature and man-made excellence as there are amazing shows of sounds and lights amidst the natural environment. The environment is really terrific at the night time.

    Kampong Village

    It is also called Lorng Buangkok Kampang or simply Kampong and is one of the most amazing places to visit. One is completely mesmerized by the idyllic surroundings and experience the spirit of the local village here.

    Chinatown Food Court

    The place is always pulsating with energy as one could get the real feel of Chinese culture and cuisine here. Authentic Chinese food is offered here, and the place displays a lot of exhibits depicting Chinese culture.

    Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

    Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is yet another example of strong influence of China in Singapore. It is an amazing temple to visit that offers peaceful ambience to the visitors.

    Cantonese Opera Show

    Art lovers should never miss a chance to pay a visit to the Cantonese Opera Show in Chinatown. The opera plays classics every Saturday and Friday. Tourists are attracted by the unbelievable make-ups and absurd costumes of the characters.

    Sultan’s Mosque

    Sultan’s Mosque is another place that offers a transforming and elevating experience. One could also go to the Arab Street then and do shopping or eat delicious dishes at the restaurants.

    World War II Memorial

    There is a memorial for the people who died during World War II here. So, history lovers could pay a visit to this place and enhance their knowledge.

    St. John Island

    Well, among the many attractive places is the St. John Island that definitely deserves a mention here. Although it is not frequently visited but the place offers restful, soothing and idyllic surroundings as one could sit by the beach, or visit various other places including a mosque, a Chinese temple, or Malay shrines.

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