• Incredibly Amazing Walking Trails In Singapore

    View Of Fort Canning Park

    Singapore is characterized by bustling city life, concrete, and great business development area; however, besides these apparent spots and landmarks there are some hidden and unassuming nature reserves and parks that offer a much needed respite to the people from the hectic life they are leading. There are all sorts of parks and green spaces here including swampy wetlands and forested hills. So, one could always opt for trails in these areas and escape from the urban gridlock. Here are some of the trails that offer superb hiking experience.

    Southern Ridges

    Southern Ridges is a great trail that connects a number of beautiful parks located in the southern part of Singapore. One is greeted with great scenic vistas along with way. Moreover, there is the unmistakable Henderson Waves which is the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. This bridge connects Telok Blangah Hill to Mount Faber, and is one of the most unique structures in Singapore, exhibiting unsurpassed wave like architecture.

    Macritchie Reservoir Park

    Macritchie Reservoir Park is also among the popular hiking trails in Singapore, and the primary reason for the popularity is a dazzling array of trails for all sorts of hikers, as well as stunning vistas that the trails have to offer to the hikers. There are secluded and tranquil paths that offer inexplicable calm and quiet to the hikers. Moreover, there is a forest’s canopy as well which gives visitors a chance to see long-tailed macaques and flying lemurs.

    Fort Canning Park

    Though Fort Canning Park is popularly known as the site for holding of various music festivals, it has a lot of green spaces as well as other things of great cultural interest. For instance, it has the famous Battle Box. Moreover, the park has a rich history too, and thus, it is a perfect spot to visit for history lovers.

    Pulau Ubin

    A trip to Pulau Ubin on a bumboat could leave one completely refreshed and charged up. The place lets one imagine the kind of life that existed in Singapore way back in 1960s. Hikers simply love travelling through the Chek Jawa Wetlands as it provides them an opportunity to pass through six different types of ecosystems.

    Labrador Nature Reserve

    Labrador Nature Reserve is popular among the nature photographs who want to capture some great imagery by travelling through the beautiful seaside trails. One passes through marshes, forests, and cliff sides. One is also greeted with sweeping views of the picturesque coastline of Singapore. Moreover, there is a great variety of wildlife here; so, one could expect to see squirrels and other enchanting animals occupying the space.

    The Green Corridor

    The Green Corridor used to be a railway track; however, it has been completely transformed now into a beautiful hiking trail. The trail connects several parks, like Kranji Wetland and Bukit Timah.

    Bukit Batok Nature Park

    Bukit Batok Nature Park is one of the most popular parks which are known for offering laid-back and comfortable walking trails. Moreover, besides the comfort of hiking tourists are greeted with stunning views of the surroundings as well. Also, there are other steep hikes for the experienced hikers.

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