• Unearthing Little Known Yet Exciting Hiking Trails In Singapore

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    Singapore has been transformed into a great financial district now, and is characterized by shopping malls, office towers, condominiums, etc. People are too engrossed in their lives that they forget to acknowledge the great beauty of nature here. The place has a lot to offer to people, should they try to explore some of the great natural spots here. And, similarly, there is no dearth of exciting hikes in Singapore that not only offer terrific workout but also offer sweeping views of surroundings.

    The Southern Ridges

    The Southern Ridges is a 10 kilometre long trail that connects some of the popular green spaces. So, one could actually visit five great natural parks via this trail. Further, this trail offers lush greenery as well as sweeping views of surroundings, including glimpses of iconic architecture by Henderson Waves.

    Fort Canning Park

    Fort Canning Park is one of the iconic locations in Singapore. It is a great nature sanctuary which is situated right in the centre of the city. The best part about this trail is that one gets to experience rich history of the area, besides getting that elevation by seeing the lush greenery of the area. So, people get historical as well as recreational experience here. Besides, there is a dazzling array of tree species here which are native to Singapore. So, one could always stay positive and motivated while hiking the trail.

    Macritchie Nature Trail

    Macritchie Reservoir is another great green spot that never fails to attract the visitors. The place has a calming influence on the people as soon as they enter into the museum. Besides, the experience of people really improves once they step into the forest, since they get a chance to contemplate upon their thoughts and actions, and thus, come closer to nature.

    Macritchie Treetop Walk

    Macritchie Treetop Walk is among the most cherished things that a person likes to do while being in Singapore. There is no other better place that offers a great bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve enjoys the distinction of being Singapore’s tallest natural hill. Moreover, the hikes are steep as well. However, the reward that people get upon visiting the top does act as a motivation for them to hike this magnificent trail.

    Dairy Farm Nature Park

    Dairy Farm Nature Park is located quite away from the frenzied life of the city. It is a secluded area that is ideal for getting a break from one’s monotonous routine that they had been leading, and get that necessary energy to improve one’s efficiency. Experienced hikers love to hike on Wallace Trail, which is full of muddy as well as inconsistent paths. Moreover, there is the Singapore Quarry Park towards the other end. This spot is actually a perfect one to go for rock climbing and soak in some great views of the surroundings.

    So, these are some of the little known hikes in Singapore that could easily replace the habit of working out in gyms. One feels completely refreshed and rejuvenated after hiking these great trails in the lap of nature.

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