• Interesting And Adventurous Destinations For Kids In Singapore

    Beautiful View Of Singapore

    Singapore is endowed with the natural beauty as one could find a number of soothing and relaxing places here. Moreover, the food here is amazing as well. However, what catches the fancy of the people is that the place has a lot of things for people from all walks of life. So, not only the elderly but the kids too can have unlimited fun during their trip to Singapore. Here are some of the finest destinations for kids that should never be missed while one is visiting Singapore.

    Visiting Arteastiq

    There are a number of kids that excel in one form of the art or the other. They like to dance, sing songs, make paintings, etc. So, for all these arts enthusiasts there are a number of attractive and innovative art jam cafes that could be seen everywhere in Singapore. The best part is that not only kids but everyone is allowed to exhibit their creative talent. Arteastiq is one such art jam studio that offers kids unlimited fun and scope for creativity. The participants are provided with canvasses, colours, aprons, and all the other necessary items.

    Visiting Bukit Timah Saddle Club

    Students have the natural tendency to enjoy all sorts of sports. They are adventure loving and are always looking for some sort of mischief. It is great to see them embarking upon the challenging tasks without any fear. And, kids are always attracted to the animals as well. They can satiate their desire of taming the otherwise unconquerable animals at Bukit Timah Saddle Club as a horse ride here is thoroughly adventurous and fun-filled. Anyone is allowed to ride on the horses that are well tamed and disciplined. Kids love this place as they learn various lessons in horse riding that are structured and well organised. They start with Beginner’s Course and move on to other expert lessons. Moreover, children under 7 are given special attention as they could opt for pony rides that are again, well monitored and supervised.

    Visiting The Animal Resort

    Another place that the tourists, especially the ones with kids love to visit is ‘The Animal Resort’. The fun loving and adventurous kids can always visit this place to roam amidst the farm animals and watch them carefully. Among the various animals are the horses, goats, geese, peacocks, and chickens, to name a few. The kids are sure to jump in amusement at the site of these animals.

    Visiting The Fire Stations

    Can a visit to fire station be fulfilling? Ask the parents of the naughty kids and they will explain how their children always want to take pleasure in doing something adventurous all the time. The prospect of having fun at the fire stations was realised by the Singaporean Civil Defence Force as they decided to let kids enter the fire stations for a certain amount of time and enjoy the thrill of being a fireman for some time. The prospect of saving people’s lives instils confidence among the children as they learn the nitty-gritty of operating various equipment available there including spray guns, that are hot favourite among the kids.

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