• Singapore’s Latest Majestic Restaurants That Offer Top Quality Food

    View Of An Delicious Dish

    Dining in Singapore is a serious affair as people are willing to part with their money in lieu of luscious and promising food. The Singaporeans spend a lot of money on food, so the proliferation of restaurants is not uncommon here. The locals as well as the people from outside have realized this tendency of people here and have come up with the excellent dining options in order to provide the people here with the supreme culinary delights. And, maintaining quality is of paramount importance here because people here go for quality. So, some of the latest regal restaurants in Singapore that meet the demands of the foodies are included here.

    Corner House

    Corner House is located inside the historic Botanical Gardens in Singapore and provides the haute cuisine that is French-inspired. It is steered by the chef Jason Tar, who is a well-known figure in the hospitality industry. Apart from the vegetarian dishes the restaurant also excels in providing the non-vegetarian dishes including carabinero prawn that comes with textures of Kristal caviar and tomato and is a delight to have.

    Kakure And Ki-Sho

    This small restaurant always enjoys full booking because of the appetizing Japanese food and sakes that it has to offer. The efforts of Kazuhiro Hamamoto, the kaiseki master chef are exhibited in the way he presents the faultless dishes to the diners including charcoal grilled otoro that is served along with grated daikon.

    Restaurant Labyrinth

    The traditional dishes get a complete makeover in the hands of Han Li Guang, the owner and the chef at Restaurant Labyrinth. The cuisine is modern Singaporean and the traditional dishes undergo an avant-garde twist. Some of the popular items here include ‘chili carb’ which is a soft shell that is deep-fried, and is served along with Chinese bun and ethereal crab.


    Lollapalooza is famous for its ever changing menu along with the other countries’ cuisine that it focuses upon. So, one could find the Australian scampi here that is oven-grilled, tuna eyeball, lamb’s heart, veal’s tongue that could be accompanied along with an amazing assortment of wines.


    Rhubarb is named so because of the name of the dish Rhubarb that is served in the restaurant. It is a promising new restaurant that is under the tutelage of Paul Longworth, a British chef. Among the many delicious dishes that it has to offer are the pigeon done to perfection and served along with rhubarb and juicy rose puree, candied and salsify grapes that are put in aromatic pigeon jus.

    Chef Kang

    Chef Kang is located at Little India and has gaudy interiors. The cuisine is Cantonese and the dishes are done to perfection by the chef. Some of the mouth-watering dishes served here are deep fried fish broth, Kai lan that is wok-fried, pork lard that comes in a tangy shrimp paste.

    Pince And Pints

    Pince And Pints has kept the things simple by making available just one sort of dish to the people here. And that is the whole lobsters. The diners do have the choice of having them steamed or grilled though. These are served along with butter sauce, and mesclun leaves that are Parmessan-topped.

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