• Topmost Tourist Attractions In Singapore That Are A Must To Visit While Travelling With Kids

    View Of Safari Park

    People feel bothered while they are travelling along with their kids; so much so, that they sometimes cancel their trips even if they have to travel along with their kids. Most of them contend that their holidays are completely ruined if they travel along with their kids. However, there is a destination in the world that is going to prove them completely wrong. Well, Singapore is a great location that has a number of family-friends spots that enable kids to spend their time in a creative as well as entertaining manner. People in the hospitality industry have certainly realized the importance of taking effective care of the kids, and this is the reason one is able to find specific facilities for children. Here is a list of tourist attractions in Singapore that are a must to visit while one is travelling along with their kids.

    Singapore Zoo

    Kids surely love to visit Singapore Zoo. This is because they get to see a great variety of their favourite animals here including giraffes, lions, pygmy hippos, crocodiles, and orang-utans, to name a few. The best part is that kids could come very close to the animals. Moreover, there is the area called Rainforest Kidzworld, which is specifically dedicated to children as it has a number of pony rides, a carousel, and a massive water playground. Furthermore, equally appealing and exciting is the Elephant show. Kids also love to participate in interactive feeding sessions.

    Sentosa Island

    There is a dazzling array of attractions for kids in Sentosa Island. There is something for people from all walks of life here. Kids simply love hopping aboard the cable car, as they are able to get breathtaking views of the city. Moreover, they love to tread on Sentosa Broadway Walk as well. Apart from this, other attractions include indoor sky diving which is available at Fly Singapore. Other great areas of interest here include ‘Port of Lost Wonder,’ ‘Songs of the sea,’ and ‘Crane Dance,’ to name a few.

    Amazonia Playground

    Amazonia Playground enjoys the distinction of being first entertainment centre in Singapore that aims at entertaining whole families. It spans in 9500 square feet area and is a comprehensive indoor entertainment centre, solely for kids. There is an exclusive toddler play area as well. Further, there is the 3D indoor and attractive golf course.

    Snow City

    Snow City is the latest addition in the man-made attractions in Singapore. It is quite similar to Ski Dubai situated in UAE. People love this spot since they could experience a completely different atmosphere here. Adventure loving people simply love this place since they are able to do a great number of things here including skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding, to name a few. Kids love to indulge in snowball fights. All in all, it offers kids a great experience.

    Singapore Night Safari

    Singapore Night Safari enjoys the distinction of being first safari park in the world that is dedicated solely to nocturnal animals. There are mini trams inside which take people to different animal exhibits. Kids simply love the idea of exploring animal exhibits at night.

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