• Exploring Singapore’s Topmost Romantic Places For Couples

    View Of Sentosa Island

    Singapore is a great country to visit. It has a number of places that offer unforgettable memories to people, including the couples who are trying to have the best time of their life abroad. There are all sorts of things in Singapore like flowery gardens, sci-fi architecture, exquisite hotels, fine dine restaurants, and brilliant display of lights and sounds at beaches, all of which contribute to elevating the mood of the people. Here is a list of topmost romantic places in Singapore that are must to explore for couples.

    Changi Point Coastal Walk

    Changi Point Coastal Walk is around 2.6 km long path, stretching along the breathtaking coast of Changi. It invariably stuns the couples with the hypnotic aura and unparalleled views of offshore kalongs, boats, and the sea. Couples are transported to the other world when they walk on Changi Point Coastal Walk which is surrounded by heritage trees, hilltop chalets, and lush greenery. There are six section of Changi Broadwalk including Kelong Walk, Sunset Walk, Sailing Point Walk, Cliff Walk, Creek Walk, and Beach Walk, to name a few.

    Yueh Hai Ching Temple

    Yueh Hai Ching Temple is popularly known as Temple of Love, and there are countless love stories attached with this temple, which makes it almost mandatory for the couples to visit this astonishing place. There is a black idol in the temple that is highly revered by people, since it is considered as a perfect matchmaker. Couples tie red ribbons on the idol and pray for their happy married life.

    Sentosa Island

    Sentosa Island is an unmistakable spot in Singapore with flawless beaches, breathtaking retreats, a dazzling array of sea sports, and beautiful white sand. All these features naturally attract the people. Couples are always mesmerized by the pulsating vibe of this place. The views of the sunrise as well as the sunset are equally enthralling. Couples could also go for leisurely nature walk at Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom in order to rejuvenate themselves. They could also get to know each other better by playing sea sports, which are thrilling and entertaining. Playing volleyball at Siloso Beach for instance, can fill them with energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, there is a beautiful spa here, called ‘Spa Two-Gether Day,’ which is a great spot to visit as well.

    Singapore River Cruise

    Visit to Singapore is incomplete without embarking upon the marvellous Singapore River Cruise. The thrill and joy of drifting along beautiful Clarke Quay is simply unsurpassed. The couples are invariably impressed by seeing the great views of Marina Bay, and other breathtaking spots like ‘The Merlion.’ Furthermore, couples wanting some peaceful moments could always enjoy the cool breeze and enjoy incredible ‘Light and Sound Show.’ It is a perfect spot for couples who love to revel in the beauty of nature.

    Visiting Faber Peak

    Faber Peak was earlier known as ‘Jewel Box.’ It is a great spot to visit as it abounds in nature’s beauty. Couples could get astonishing views of the surroundings from the peak. Moreover, the ride in the cable car is equally enthralling and appealing. And quite aptly, the cable car is called Cloud 9, since the experience of travelling in the cable car is simply surreal.

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