• Destinations In Singapore That Take One Closer To Nature

    Picture Of Zebra

    Singapore has evolved as a great tourist destination, thanks to the dazzling array of beautiful natural and man-made spots here. The most appealing aspect is that there is no dearth of natural encounters here which give people ample opportunities to get closer to nature. Here are some of these exhilarating spots in Singapore that are must to visit for nature lovers.

    Gardens By The Bay

    ‘Gardens by The Bay’ is an iconic natural attraction in Singapore that has exotic fauna and flora. Besides, it has tallest indoor waterfall in the world. Tourists are invariably mesmerized by the hypnotic charm of this great place.

    Singapore Zoo

    Singapore Zoo is another great destination for adults as well as children, which offers great chance to connect with nature. First off, it the first ‘open-concept’ zoo in the world and the enclosures are built in such a manner that they resemble natural habitats of animals kept in the zoo. The experience of witnessing the fun and frolics of these lovely animals with stunning tropical rainforests in the background is simply surreal.

    Singapore Night Safari

    Singapore Night Safari is a unique concept, as Singapore is the only country in the world to offer Night Safari to visitors. They get a great chance to explore the natural habitats of nocturnal animals and watch these beautiful creatures from a very close distance. The area is divided into seven geographical regions which are easily accessible via tram. Besides, one could also opt for exploring dark interiors of the jungles by embarking upon the walking trails. Also, there are awe-inspiring shows organised for visitors including the shows organised by tribal dancers. Moreover, there are some fire-breathing tricks on display as well. All these things really enthral the visitors.

    Singapore River Safari

    Singapore River Safari is another example of the innovative and creative bent of mind of Singaporeans as they keep on trying something new to amaze the visitors. Again, it is the first ‘river-themed’ park in Asia. In Singapore River Safari one is taken on a boat ride, where they explore some of the great rivers of world, including Amazon River of South America, Nile River of Egypt, and Yangzte River of China, to name a few. Tourists love to travel through these amazing habitats of wild animals and see their favourite animals including pandas, and rare wild animals.

    Jurong Bird Park

    Jurong Bird Park enjoys the distinction of being the largest bird park in Asia. This shows how much emphasis is paid by the authorities in preserving these natural spots. There is a dazzling array of scintillating tropical birds of various colours here that never fail to stun the visitors. One gets plenty of opportunities to come closer to nature as they get to see more than 400 species of beautiful birds, including peacocks, pelicans, lorikeets, and ostriches, to name a few.

    Pulau Ubin

    Pulau Ubin is a small island towards the east of Singapore. It has a great number of secret natural treasures for visitors. One feels like they are transported to the earlier Singapore sans any developments. Various activities which tourists could get involved in include kayaking and biking.

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