• Exploring Secret Ways Of Experiencing The Beauty Of Singapore

    View Of Giant Trees At Garden

    Singapore has never failed to mesmerise the visitors with its scintillating beauty. Most of the tourists are attracted towards the iconic spots in Singapore. However, Singapore has a lot more to offer besides the well known locations. So, one could simply leave the most common way of exploring Singapore, and follow these secret ways in order to experience the natural beauty of Singapore in a completely unique and appealing manner.

    Explore Undiscovered Beaches

    Tourists are always attracted by the beaches in Singapore. However, while there is a sea of humanity visiting the famous beaches of Sentosa, there is a whole new world yet to be explored. And, one of those amazingly enchanting locations that have some of the great yet undiscovered beaches is Lazarus Islands. Tourists are invariably amazed to experience the soft white sands here that are continuously caressed by azure waters. Getting to the island is a real fun as well, since there isn’t any direct path that leads to the beach.

    Explore Mandai Mangroves

    Mandai Mangroves is located towards the north of Singapore. Nature lovers are invariably amazed to explore this great ancient ecosystem on a kayak. The experience of traversing through the mature mangroves along pristine and beautiful rivers is simply spellbinding. One gets a chance to see some abandoned traditional villages called ‘Kampongs’ here, which were once ubiquitous in Singapore. In fact, Singapore was earlier simply known as a sleepy coastal village. So, it is great to revisit the rich historical past of Singapore.

    Watch A Movie In The Open

    Well, visit to Singapore is certainly incomplete if one doesn’t see a movie in the open. It sounds incredible but it is actually true that one could simply drive into the cinema and sit beside the parking area and watch their favourite movie on the big screen, right in the backdrop of some iconic sites like Garden by the Bay. This sort of amazing experience is provided by Movie Mob, which is doing a tremendous job in bringing the great movie watching experience to people of Singapore where they could sit under the blue sky and watch their favourite movies.

    Explore Pulau Ubin Island

    Pulau Ubin Island is one of those sleepy lost islands of Singapore that is a true representation of rich historical past of Singapore. This island provides thoroughly rejuvenating experience to the visitors as they are invariably stunned to find that peaceful settings where the palm trees dot the coastline and local fishing is done on wooden canoes. Besides, there are the dirt roads all over where the trucks ply. Moreover, there are a number of indigenous kampongs, along with a dazzling array of sandy beaches and intricate mangroves. The whole experience of exploring the natural and pristine beauty of the island is simply surreal. Moreover, there is the biking trail here which made the island earned the name of ‘Bicycle Island.’

    Take The Road Not Taken

    Well, everyone seems to be interested in exploring the concrete jungles here; however, it is best to hike through the wilderness and connect with nature. Nature lovers should embark upon Southern Ridges Trail that takes one through four beautiful parks located towards the west of Singapore.

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