• Greatest Hikes In Singapore Offering Completely Unforgettable Experience

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    Singapore has emerged as the greatest tourist attraction not only in Asia, but all over the world. There are many reasons why this place has managed to attract a sea of humanity towards it. Besides the manmade attractions and strenuous efforts made by the authorities here, there is a dazzling array of natural spots that offer great calming experience to the people. In fact, Singapore is known as the Garden City, and this is all because of the great varieties of gardens here. However, as one keeps on exploring the city, one finds that there are great numbers of locations besides the gardens that offer great chance of communing with nature. So, here are the topmost hikes that one could traverse in Singapore for getting that ultimate experience.

    The Southern Ridges

    The Southern Ridges is a huge hit among the tourists as they get to see a number of connected hill parks while treading this 10 mile long trail. Besides, they don’t come across muddy areas too; so, tourists love to hit this spot often. Another feature that marks the popularity of the trail is its easy accessibility from a number of different locations around the ridges, and tourists particularly love to enter via the HortPark, as that 2.3 mile trail takes them across the magnificent Alexandra Arch, to enter into the forest via the Forest Walk. They ultimately arrive at the Henderson Waves, the spot that provides them with incredible views of Singapore.

    Sungei Buloh Nature Preserve

    Sungei Buloh Nature Preserve is a great spot to visit for nature lovers since they get to see a dazzling array of migratory birds. Besides, the park has added a number of facilities for the families as well. Kids are always enchanted by visiting the park as they come across such great animals as sea eagles and estuarine crocodiles.

    Macritchie Reservoir Park

    The tree top walk the Macritchie Reservoir Park is a huge hit among the tourists, since the suspension bridge offers tourists a glimpse into the dense forests below them. The trail is hugely popular among the locals too who come along with their family members every now and then to witness the scintillating beauty of nature. However, visiting the spot can be challenging and daunting, but the reward of ultimate views of the surroundings always ac as a motivating factor for the tourists.

    Punggol Promenade

    Punggol Promenade is among the new promenades of Singapore. However, the place is quite different from the other promenades as it is characterized by a variety of parks as well as park connectors. Besides, the trail extends a number of family activities in order to engross the visitors. So, all these things have made the place a hit among the locals as well as the tourists. Some of the activities that one could do here include jogging, cycling, prawn fishing, and bird-watching, to name a few.

    Pulau Ubin

    Pulau Ubin trail offers unparalleled hiking experience to visitors as they seem to be travelling through time while traversing this stunning trail. One is transported back to the time when Singapore enjoyed a laid-back life. Tourists love exploring this unknown aspect of Singapore, and get thoroughly rejuvenated by wandering through the pristine mangrove forests.

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