• Exploring Topmost Museums And Art Galleries In Singapore

    View Of A Gallery

    The best part about visiting Singapore is that besides the natural attractions here there is a dazzling array of manmade spots that are a delight to visit. The authorities here have made it a point to raise their stature as people from all over the world now visit the place to appreciate its towering beauty. Similarly, the art scene of Singapore is well-developed too. So, here are topmost museums and art galleries in Singapore that are a treat to visit.

    ArtScience Museum

    The design of ArtScience Museum, which is inspired by lotus flower, is prepared by architect Moshe Safdie from Israel. The best part about the museum is its equal focus on arts as well as science. There are exactly 21 galleries here that houses great exhibits in the fields of science as well as arts. Moreover, international touring exhibitions have also been organised here including Andy Warhol, and Mummy to name a few.

    Asian Civilizations Museum

    The museum is a unique one as it strives to present the pan-Asian civilizations and cultures from a broader perspective. The pick of the lot is Singapore River Gallery, which explains the tales of immigrants who used to work and live along the river.

    MAD Museum Of Art And Design

    The Museum Of Art and Design is also commonly known as simply MAD. It is located in Mandarin Gallery Mall, and enjoys a great popularity among the visitors since it has great exhibits showing incredible pieces of excellent contemporary art. Jasmine Tay, the found of this museum, opened the museum with the sole aim of making extraordinary art pieces within the reach of the art lovers.

    Michael Janssen Gallery

    Michael Janssen Gallery strives to showcase the amazing artworks from renowned as well as upcoming and talented artists from various parts of the world including North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc. In fact, the museum has exhibits from such great artists as Peter Zimmermann, Ai Weiwei, Christoph Steinmeye, and Meg Cranston, to name a few. Besides these group as well as solo exhibitions, there are a number of performances, talks, and film screenings that are held in the gallery.

    Mizuma Gallery

    Mizuma Gallery is located at Gillman Barracks and has its sole focus on the Japanese Contemporary Art. There are a number of artists from Japan whose works are displayed here including Jun Nguyen Hatsushiba, Keiichi Tanaami, and Yamaguchi Akira, to name a few.

    National Museum Of Singapore

    National Museum of Singapore enjoys the distinction of being Singapore’s oldest museum. It has a number of national treasures including Singapore Stone, and a great variety of gold ornaments that were amassed from Canning Hill Fort in 1928.

    Opera Gallery

    Opera Gallery opened in Singapore in 1994, and since then it has been among popular tourist destinations. The best part about visiting the gallery is that besides the availability of works by great artists as Picasso and Dali in the gallery, there are works by talented artists from America, Asia, and Europe.

    Singapore Art Museum

    Singapore Art Museum was opened in 1996, and since then it has done a commendable job in amassing contemporary Southeast Asian exhibits.

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