• Finest Museums In Singapore That Tourists Must Visit

    View Of Asian Civilisation Museum

    Singapore is among the world class destinations in the world nowadays. It has earned the tag after considerable effort, as it was earlier just a silent and a small village. However, there are multitudes of amazing natural as well as manmade wonders here that exhilarate the tourists. Besides this, there is no dearth of finest museums in Singapore too, which offer great insight into the unique and appealing culture of Singapore. Singapore basically enjoys the eclectic mix of Indian, Chinese, and Malay cultures. So, here is a list of top class museums in Singapore that provide tourists a great glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the island country.

    Peranakan Museum

    Literal meaning of Peranakan in Malay language is ‘locally-born’. So, the museum endeavours to reflect the rich cultural heritage of people who got settled in Singapore. Thus, one could expect exhibits here reflecting the cultural mix of Malaysia and Singapore. The best part about the museum is the range of exhibits it has. This is the reason why it is among the topmost museums of Singapore.

    National Museum Of Singapore

    National Museum of Singapore got established in 1887, and is among Singapore’s oldest museums. There is a great focus on Singapore’s history, and its rich cultural heritage. The best part is that besides exhibitions and artefacts the authorities at the museum hold a dazzling array of events and festivals all throughout the year. So, tourists could always find something interesting when they visit the museum. Moreover, one could buy great souvenirs from the shop inside the museum as well. Tourists could always go for guided tours that are offered in a number of languages including Mandarin, English, French, and Japanese.

    Asian Civilisation Museum

    Asian Civilisation Museum offers tourists a chance to get a glimpse into the history of Asia. There is a wide range of beautiful artefacts and collections that represent different areas of South East Asia, China, and the Middle East. Empress Place Building is the main building here which has whopping 11 art galleries with more than thousand collections and artefacts depicting various cultures of the world.

    Singapore Art Museum

    Singapore Art Museum is another great museum with around 7,000 pieces of artwork depicting rich South East Asian culture and traditions. Besides this, one could also find artefacts depicting modern Singaporean art. Tourists are invariable moved to see a wide variety of excellent paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc.

    ArtScience Museum

    ArtScience Museum is a great museum with excellent design created by Moshe Safde, a talented architect from Israel. There is a beautiful symbol of lotus that characterizes the museum. Since its inception it has been the prime place for exhibiting exhibitions pertaining to science as well as arts. It is conveniently located at Marina Bay Sands. Among the most popular galleries is ‘Mummy’ which is liked by a large number of tourists.

    Singapore Philatelic Museum

    Singapore Philatelic Museum is among unique and compelling museums in Singapore that attract tourists from all over the world. The museum is especially liked by stamp lovers, as they are able to see a great range of stamps here. Moreover, educational events are also organised here.

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