• Singapore’s Topmost Contemporary Art Galleries That Tourists Must Visit

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    Singapore has gained great popularity among the tourists. The authorities here have made a strenuous effort in making the country earn a global reputation. There are some amazing man-made attractions here that attract sea of humanity. Further, the art scene of the place is no different as there is a dazzling array of innovative art spaces that appeal the aesthetic faculty of tourists. So, here is a list of topmost contemporary art galleries in Singapore that are a must to visit.

    Art Plural Gallery

    Art Plural Gallery came into existence with the efforts of Frederic de Senarclens, an art dealer from Switzerland. It is located in scintillating Art Deco premises. The gallery is aimed at exhibiting topmost group as well as solo exhibitions by internationally-acclaimed artists. The gallery was aptly included in the list of ‘World’s Best New Galleries And Museums’ in 2013 by Blouin Artinfo. Some of the great artists contributing to the gallery are American Jedd Novatt- a great sculptor, Fu Lei- a world renowned Chinese painter, and Ian Davenport- a great British artist, to name a few.

    Future Perfect

    Future Perfect came into existence with the sole motive of promoting creative and original artists from Australia and Southeast Asia. The gallery is maintained by well-recognized personalities in the field of arts including Jasper Knight, Nina Miall, and David. There is a great variety of exhibitions in the gallery including photography, paintings, mixed-media and installation art, drawings, and sculpture.

    The Drawing Room

    The Drawing Room was first established in Makita City in Manila. The Singapore branch got opened in 2012, and the vision of the gallery is expanded now, as it includes a great range of exhibits including sculpture, paintings, installation art, and collage. The exhibitions here focus upon examining contemporary art scene in Southeast Asia, and a great deal of attention is paid to artists from Philippines and Singapore.

    Yavuz Gallery

    Yavuz Gallery got established by Can Yavuz, a Turkish owner, in 2010. Within few years the gallery has earned a great reputation as one of the premier destinations for great contemporary Middle Eastern and Asian art. The artists here are innovative and creative, and similarly, the exhibits are unconventional and come as a pleasant surprise for tourists.

    Barnadas Huang

    Barnadas Huang is a great spot to visit for art lovers as they get to see great European artworks, right here in Singapore. The exhibitions here are contributed by innovative and talented artists as Xavier Visa- an exceptional hyperrealistic painter born in Barcelona, Jesus Curia- a native of Madrid and a great sculptor.

    Gajah Gallery

    Gajah Gallery has remained a great place for contemporary art work from Asia, ever since its inception in 1996. Tourists are always exhilarated to witness great masterpieces here. The main focus of the gallery is on contemporary Indonesian Art. There are exhibitions from great Indonesian artists, including excellent sculptors, Yusra Martunus- a great installation artist, and the renowned painter Jumaldi Alfi. Moreover, there are exhibitions by other famous artists as well including sculptor Jason Lim from Singapore, and Wei Ligang, a great Chinese calligrapher and painter.

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